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ubuntu@soul:~$ unzip -d besttrace


ubuntu@soul:~$ sudo apt install unzip


ubuntu@soul:~/besttrace$ sudo ./besttrace --help
Usage of ./besttrace host [packetlen]
  -6, --ipv6           Use ipv6.
  -J, --json           Print traceroute result with JSON format, Enterprise version only.
  -g, --lang string    Language only supported cn and en now.
  -m, --maxhop int     Specifies the maximum number of hops (max time-to-live value) traceroute will probe. The default is 30. (default 30)
  -a, --noas           Do not try to map IP addresses to AS when displaying them.
  -n, --nodomain       Do not try to map IP addresses to host names when displaying them.
  -l, --nolocation     Do not try to map IP addresses to location when displaying them.
  -q, --queries int    Sets the number of probe packets per hop. The default is 3. (default 3)
  -z, --sendtime int   Minimal time interval between probes (default 0).
                                If the value is more than 10, then it specifies a number in milliseconds, else it is a number of seconds (float point values allowed too).
                                Useful when some routers use rate-limit for ICMP messages.
  -f, --starthop int   Specifies with what TTL to start. Defaults to 1. (default 1)
      --sync           Send icmp package by sync.
  -T, --tcp            Use TCP SYN for probes.
  -V, --version        Print the version and exit.
  -w, --waittime int   Set the time (in seconds) to wait for a response to a probe. (default 3)
pflag: help requested

先赋予BestTrace执行权限chmod +x besttrace,然后执行命令进行路由跟踪./besttrace -q1 -g cn IP

ubuntu@soul:~/besttrace$ sudo ./besttrace -q1 -g cn
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 32 byte packets
 1  0.26 ms  AS31898  韩国, 首尔,
 2  0.96 ms  AS9286  韩国, 首尔,
 3  0.90 ms  AS9286  韩国, 首尔,
 4  61.81 ms  AS10099  中国, 香港,, 联通
 5  80.78 ms  *  中国, 香港,, 联通
 6  55.74 ms  AS4837  中国, 北京,, 联通
 7  83.37 ms  AS4837  中国, 北京,, 联通
 8  81.99 ms  AS4837  中国, 辽宁, 大连,, 联通
 9  *
10  102.60 ms  AS4837  中国, 辽宁, 沈阳,, 联通
11  120.76 ms  AS4837  中国, 辽宁, 沈阳,, 联通